Leadership Initiatives for Command Staff

Leadership Initiatives for Command Staff


Leadership Initiatives for Command Staff is a two day program for command level professionals addressing the unique challenges facing today’s law enforcement leadership. The program guides Command Staff to craft appropriate responses to complex issues. Today's leaders have no roadmap by which to refer. Combining timeless qualities with those that are timely for this new era, today's leaders must master activities their predecessors did not have to contemplate.

The goal for the Leadership Initiatives for Command Staff is to assist command staff and policy makers of law enforcement agencies become more effective leaders given the evolving role of law enforcement in an increasingly democratic and diverse society.

Objective: The course will give law enforcement command an opportunity to examine historical and contemporary leadership paradigms. In an ethics-based approach, participants will explore new dimensions of leadership and develop tools that translate theory into practice.

Open to Lieutenants and above (or their equivalent).

Please contact us at (212) 697-1180 or via e-mail for more details.

Curriculum includes:

  • Museum experience
  • Personal testimony
  • Debrief
  • Change in the nature of change
  • The change imperative
  • External and internal issues that drive change
  • Identifying the key obstacles that inhibit necessary change
  • Exploring a New Model in the Changing Role of Law Enforcement: From Soldier to Educator
  • Consequences of this evolution
  • Spectrum of Tolerance
    a. Differentiating the areas of tolerance and intolerance
  • Using New Tools
  • Radius and Depth of Trust
  • The Chain of Trust
  • Proposed new model of trust
  • Implementing the Leadership Model: Action

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at (212) 697-1180 or via e-mail.

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