Virtual Puzzle

The Museum of Tolerance has developed a virtual puzzle based on the Respect For All Map, which is on display at the MOTNY.

The Museum of Tolerance New York was pleased to participate in the third annual NYC’s Respect for All (RFA) week from February 13th-17th, 2012.  Citywide activities and events during this week promoted tolerance, diversity, and respect for all.  During RAF week, all students who visited the MOTNY were asked to participate in the creation of a Respect for All puzzle.  Students were given their own puzzle piece and asked to write what they feel makes them unique, be it cultural background, personal strengths or future aspirations. Their individual pieces were added to a continuously growing puzzle, joining with other students’ pieces to eventually form a map of the world.  This project demonstrates that despite our unique individuality, we are all members of a global community that is enhanced by respect for all.  Approximately 580 students from various schools participated in the MOTNY’s Respect for All project.  The completed puzzle is now on display in the MOTNY’s lobby for visitors to view. 

See examples of the displayed map below:


The MOT encourages visitors to add to our Virtual Puzzle by downloading puzzle pieces, decorating them and submitting them online.  Puzzle pieces can illustrate what makes you feel unique, be it cultural background, personal strengths or future aspirations.


The instructions are below. Check back to see your piece added to our virtual puzzle.


See Our Online Puzzle

Use the button below to submit your own work.



If you would like to submit a puzzle piece, download the template, decorate it and use the submit button to the left to send it to us.  The pieces will build a virtual puzzle and be displayed online.  Images are posted within a few days of our receiving them. All images must be submitted in a JPG format. The Museum of Tolerance reserves the right to choose which images will be posted. Not all images submitted will be added to the online puzzle. Upon submission all images become the property of the Museum of Tolerance.



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