Perspectives on Profiling

Perspectives on Profiling

Effective Policing Tool or Weapon of Bias?

"This is a very dynamic and thought provoking course that should be mandatory for all law enforcement personnel"
TFT Participant

Increased media scrutiny and public fear intensify law enforcement’s challenge to strengthen security without jeopardizing community trust and freedom. September 11th has forced change in profiling strategies, but must not be allowed to feed a culture of bias. This interactive program uses cutting edge technology to provide law enforcement with an innovative tool to hone their ethical decision making skills and meet this complex challenge.

Program Objectives:

  • Cover the significant issues concerning racial profiling including: definitions and legal issues
  • How to differentiate criminal profiling from racial profiling
  • Expose officers to the additional dilemmas as a result of the controversy
  • Make suggestions on how to address the racial profiling issue with peers
  • Challenge officers to examine areas of hidden bias

Training Coordinators: To register your participants please click on the Register Online link below.  You may also contact the NYTC by telephone at (212) 697-1180 or by e-mail with your agency's name, the number of participants, and the dates that you would like to request. It is highly recommended that you register at least two to three weeks in advance for any program date.

Travel Reimbursement Policy: Please note that we can no longer provide travel reimbursement for any participants registering for programs.

Length of Training: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Maximum Seating: 35 per session

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