Stop Bullies© , Stop Bystanders©

Who is a bully? What is bullying all about? Are students the only ones bullying?  Is bullying indicative of a larger problem?

Stop Bullies, Stop Bystanders© is a proven, ready-to-use, research-based approach that thousands of educators are using to answer these very questions and to create safe, respectful school communities.

During this one-day, highly interactive, dynamic professional learning experience, participants construct how they can measurably reduce and even eliminate the vicious cycle of putdowns, intimidation, and violence that plagues school buildings.  Stop Bullies, Stop Bystanders© provides a framework to identify bullying and research-supported suggestions for response that are unlike any other program.

Specific attention is directed at the potentially lethal combination of hate, anger, bias, isolation, alienation, weapons, the internet, and peer dynamics.  Consistent with NCLB, SAVE, and other federal, state, and local policies, Stop Bullies, Stop Bystanders© equips participants with practices and materials that fit seamlessly into everyday school life.

Each member of each school community has a specific, interdependent role in preventing bullying and promoting a culture of learning and safety. Every participant in this program will leave with a clear plan for how to fulfill that individual role consistently and successfully, in the context of your local school culture.

Dates Available for Grant Sponsored Programs 2009-2010

June 10, 2010

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