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"What an amazing experience the Museum of Tolerance New York has been… a real personal look at the real issues- I am definitely empowered!! Thank You!" – NYC Public School Teacher


The Museum of Tolerance New York provides trainings for educators through the Tools for Tolerance® programs. Tools for Tolerance® for Educators is an interactive, experiential program designed to help educators fulfill their potential both as people and professionals. It is built upon the premise that school professionals are the front line in our efforts to shape a better American future. Through interactive workshops, exhibits, and videos, participants explore issues of prejudice, diversity, tolerance, and cooperation in the workplace and in the community. The program offers a holistic approach to teaching tolerance in learning communities. Going beyond heroes and holidays, anti-bias education is articulated in terms of learning processes that promote self-reflection, critical thinking and social action.

This day-long workshop for education professionals is designed around a variety of topics related to tolerance and its effects on learning and safety. The day includes in-depth facilitated exploration of films and interactive exhibits, as well as workshop format classroom modules developed and taught by professional development specialists designed to enhance interpersonal skills and cultivate ‘tools’ for anti-bias education.

Currently, the MOTNY is offering two courses through its Tools for Tolerance® for Educators Program:


StopBullies© , StopBystanders©

Stop Bullies, Stop Bystanders© is a proven, ready-to-use, research-based approach that thousands of educators are using to answer these very questions and to create safe, respectful school communities. During this one-day, highly interactive, dynamic professional learning experience, participants construct how they can measurably reduce and even eliminate the vicious cycle of putdowns, intimidation, and violence that plagues school buildings. Stop Bullies, Stop Bystanders© provides a framework to identify bullying and research-supported suggestions for response that are unlike any other program. 

Achievement Gap: Issues and Answers©

What Achievement Gaps exist in your school? What achievement strengths? How can you build on those strengths to close the gap in practical sustainable ways, and what does tolerance have to do with it all? Join this collegial experience to ask and answer these and other questions.This program helps education professionals plan strategies to create socially, emotionally, and intellectually safe school cultures that are academically rigorous for all students across all demographic characteristics.

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