Corporate Programs

While the content of our programs is uniquely tailored to the specific needs of both new and seasoned employees—our training facility creates an extraordinary learning environment for all to explore important issues. Participants in our programs are not passive learners; rather, they are fully engaged with the multi-media, interactive exhibits and experienced facilitators. The fundamental goal of the MOTNY’s programs is to increase understanding, break down stereotypes and prejudices as well as for workshop participants to advance from a conceptual discussion of workforce diversity to the development of concrete strategies.


  • Identifying Corporate Diversity Challenges:
    • Providing participants with an overview of diversity issues in the workplace, i.e. gender, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation and personal work style
  • Building Positive Cultural Awareness:
    • Introducing methods both managers and staff can utilize to create a workplace where diversity is valued and respected
  • Communicating in a Diverse Workplace Environment:
    • Adjusting to motivational and cultural differences
  • Conflict Resolution in a Diverse Workplace Environment:
    • Implementing communication and conflict resolution skills in situations where diversity presents challenges

    • Please call the MOTNY at (212) 697-1180 to learn more about these unique programs.

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